Sept Trestle Board – Noah Lodge 357

It has been a good yr so far and I am looking forward to the last of it as we have a lot planned and need all bro to come out and lend a hand and share your knowledge. So far we have had Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degrees and know have in waiting 4 bro ready to move on to master mason. It would be a pleasure and honor to have some of the past bro here to help in this degree and help us raise these young men to be mason We also have a
Entered Apprentice degree for September. Planning is still in the works for MM looking at possibly November 9 we need chairs filled come out every Monday night and practice with us. If you missed the barbecue you missed a good meal. We are planning on another one later this yr also we have been having a good turn out for our family nights which is second stated of ever month. Remember all officers that we meet every mon for practice. Again my bro I
look forward to seeing each and everyone of you.
For more information about our trestle Board for Sept please go to our Website

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