Trestle Board – Message From Noah Lodge #357

Noah Lodge #357 of Free & Accepted Masons.
Noah lodge 357 - trestle Board

Feb, trestle Boards

This year is going to prove to be year of momentum and action. The lodge
as a whole has taken on the duties of making things happen; from community driven
activities to lodge participation dinners and functions. The Worshipful Mike Gardner
Senior has threatened us all with guest speakers in an attempt enlighten us on a
wide range of subjects. We have also committed ourselves to reaching out to our
fellow business associates, friends & family members we feel would be a great
addition the Fraternity and we ask that all members join us in doing the same. If you
haven’t been by to see the lodge lately you should we have done a large
refurbishment and added some nice touches. We updated all the bathrooms, added
wood flooring, tiled the dining room and some new paint and even added a
conference room furnished with books, videos and a large screen TV to view them
on. A great place to read, study or just carry on a conversation with your fellow
Brothers. We added a preparation room with an inner door for representation for our
degree work.
In Closing I would like to say that we as Masons joined this great fraternity
because of the rich history associated with it. Freemasonry has long been
recognized as housing great leaders and business minded men and with that
recognition comes great responsibility. As a person and an owner of businesses I
have come to know that without a purpose, cause or plan, success is hard to
achieve. I liken Freemasonry as a whole, is one great big train with its cars all
heading in the same direction at the same speed with a great destination in mind.
Many of us have been set aside in the train yard, sitting idle without purpose or our
cars are being worked on (cable tow issues) all of which are understandable,
However we need you to help bring back Freemasonry to what it is truly meant to be.

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